Jay F. Vinsel, Judge
D. Scott Rankin, Judge
Crystal M. Brokaw, Clerk of Court

Muskingum County Court

Civil Filing Fees *

Complaint (1 Defendant) $85.00
Each Additional Defendant $10.00
Alias Service or Additional Service $10.00
Amended Complaint $30.00
Civil Cross Claim/Counter Claim/Third Party Complaint $30.00
Small Claims $50.00
Small Claims Counter Claim $50.00
Transfer of Small Claims to Regular Docket $55.00
Cognovit Note $90.00
Execution $50.00
Garnishment (Bank) $35.00
(plus $1.00 for bank)
Garnishment (personal earnings) $50.00
Attachment Before Judgment $50.00
Writ of Restitution $10.00
Certificate of Judgment $5.00
Trusteeship $50.00
Forcible Entry and Detainer $85.00
Replevin Action $100.00
Transfer of Judgment $85.00
Debtor's Exam $25.00
Petition For Driving Privileges (reinstatement or FRA) $50.00
Jury Deposit (due 7 days before trial) $500.00
Copies $0.25 per page
Certified Copies $1.00
* These costs do not include fees for personal service by Sheriff. These are billed seperately after return of service is filed with the Court. Payment is due upon receipt.