Jay F. Vinsel, Judge
D. Scott Rankin, Judge
Crystal M. Brokaw, Clerk of Court

Muskingum County Court

Violation Bureau Fine Schedule And Payment Information

The offenses listed below do not require a court appearance

Unless it is your third or more moving violation within the last twelve (12) months

If a personal appearance is necessary, bring with you proof of insurance as of THE DATE OF YOUR TRAFFIC VIOLATION. Proof of insurance may be shown with a form from your insurance agent or a current face sheet of your insurance policy.

Failure to pay or appear may result in your Driver's LICENSE BEING CANCELLED, Suspended, or an arrest warrant.

4513.263 Seat Belt As an additional count (same ticket)
Driver $76.00 Driver $30.00
Passenger $66.00 Passenger $20.00
4511.21 Speed 0-20 MPH Over Limit $100.00
  Speed 21+ MPH Over Limit $125.00
4511.12 thru 4511.17 Traffic Control Devices   $115.00
4511.21A thru 4511.65 ADCA/Slow Speed   $115.00
4511.70 thru 4511.75 Miscellaneous Violations   $115.00
4513.02 thru 4513.262 Mechanical Violations   $115.00
4513.27 thru 4513.31 Safety and Load Violations   $115.00
4511.69F Parking on a handicap zone   Must Appear
4511.66 thru 4511.69 Parking Violations   $110.00
4503.11 thru 4503.21 Registration/Display of Plates   $110.00
4510.12 (MM) Expired Operator's License
(less than six months)
2nd moving violation within 1 year add $20.00 to amount owed
3nd moving violation within 1 year $300.00 Bond and must appear

Payment Options:

By Mail:

  1. Include your ticket, and mail with check or money order, made payable to the Muskingum County Court, for the total amount due. If you want to receive a receipt, you must send a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your payment.
  2. Include Proof of Insurance (if not shown to the officer). Proof of insurance is required by Ohio Law.

In Person:

  1. You may pay by cash or with credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) during office hours (8:00am-4:00pm M-F).
    When the Court is closed, you may pay at the Sheriff's Dept.
  2. If you wish to appear or are ORDERED TO APPEAR:
    You must appear on your court date at 8:45 a.m. You may enter a plea of Guilty, No Contest, or Not Guilty. A plea of Guilty or No Contest requires payment of your fine and court cost at that time. A Not Guilty plea will continue your case to a trial date.


  1. You can pay your fines online by visiting our Online Payments page.